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Start of My New Journey - Spain

Start of My New Journey - Spain

I have been working in UC3M (University Carlos III of Madrid) as PhD student from November 2019. I would like to thank my supervisor Jose and Labmates (Navab, Espoir and Juan) for helping me a lot in knowing the beauty of the city. Madrid is very beautiful and lively city.

All the people in the Lab are very hard working and very much intrigued in the research. This motivates me to put more effort on my research. I am happy with my PhD topic and I am learning a lot of things. I have been given proper assistance and resources to do my research by my supervisor. At the present, I am dealing with the analytical part of my thesis which deals with the plastic instabilities. In the future, we are also planning to do the experimental and numerical analysis.

The people in Spain are very friendly and Spain is one of the most beautiful country, I have seen so far. I have also explored some places in Spain and Europe with my colleagues. We enjoyed a lot and it was good experience.

Start of My New Journey - Spain

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