Nonlinear Solid Mechanics Group
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Unraveling the role of anisotropy in material failure

Nonlinear Solid Mechanics Groups: Rise Project (Quantify)

Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions: Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (MSCA-RISE).


The overall objective of the QUANTIFY action is to form an international network of 8 organisations, working on a joint research programme in the field of Solid Mechanics.

The 8 organisations (4 European beneficiaries and 4 US partner organisations) will exchange and share skills and knowledge with the view to understand and model the effect of anisotropy in the dynamic mechanical failure of lightweight metallic materials used in the transportation and civilian-security industries.

Quantify Project. Unraveling the role of anisotropy in material failure

Breakthroughs in this field will allow lightweight metals fabricated with microstructure optimization techniques and additive manufacturing to replace steel and heavy alloys in manufacturing high structural responsibility components for automobiles, ships, aircrafts and civil infrastructures, all sectors of crucial importance for the European economy and society.

The staff members who participate in the project will be exposed to new research environments and develop new skills, thus contributing to their increased employability and supporting research in Europe.

The 8 organisations will further strengthen their knowledge base, and (further) develop lasting collaborations.

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