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Kanpur to Madrid

Kanpur to Madrid

My journey to Madrid as a Ph.D. student was totally unexpected. I would rather call it destiny. I was born and brought up in a small village in Kerala (called The God’s Own Country), India. I believe that the turning point in my life was getting into the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, India for my master’s after receiving a bachelor’s degree from the University of Calicut, Kerala. There I have started seeing and engaging with people with rational thinking, which I believe is the most important reason for me to decide to be one of them, a ‘Researcher’.

I just have completed six months of my journey in Madrid along with the group and I can say confidently that I have grown remarkably in this short duration of time both as a researcher and an individual. On the fifth of March 2020, the day I arrived Madrid was my first ever international travel. My thoughts were filled with anxiety and enthusiasm. The circumstance then was not favourable to adapt to a new country, their food, and culture, especially if you cannot speak the native language. And yes, it was the time of Covid-19. One week after my arrival, the city was under confinement. But I have to say that the group made my life a lot easier.

It was difficult for me in the beginning when Jose asked me not to call him ‘sir’ and I replied, “Yes sir!”. Quickly I was adapted to the environment where your supervisor treats you as a friend and expects the same in return. Then it is fun researching. His dedication and enthusiasm towards research make me jealous and motivates to work more and more. Moreover, I am thankful for his consistent support at difficult times.

Even though I had to wait for months to explore Madrid, Navab, Anil, and Juan compensated it later. Madrid is a beautiful city and the people of Spain are so welcoming. Their love for food is their culture. In this short span of time, we travelled a lot. La Pedriza, Mallorca, Madeira, Gijon, and counting. Thank you all for this wonderful experience.

Kanpur to Madrid - Vishnu AR

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